Home Shopping

People love to buy from the comfort of their own homes and the team at Griffin Media Solutions has years of expertise in the home shopping arena with a consumer lists portfolio to match.

Recent statistics indicate that a home shopping offering along with direct mail is making a big difference to retailers:

• 48% of people take action from direct mail;
• 98% of recipients prefer their direct mail to be personalised;
• 60% of people felt that direct mail keeps brands in their minds;
• 17 days is the average time that people keep advertising mail;
• 83% of people surveyed preferred to receive direct mail than email.

So don’t miss out on the action. After all, during 2014, UK businesses invested over £1.5bn into direct mail, with some 14% of all advertising spend going on direct mail!

Check out the options below and download the data cards.

Source: The Royal Mail and Baker Goodchild