Better marketing can help create a better world

Whether, when and how marketing contributes to a better world provides food for thought in a Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing.

The premise of the issue is that marketing has the power to improve lives, sustain livelihoods, strengthen societies and benefit the world at large. A multinational group of authors calls for a renewed focus on how marketing can contribute to a better world, arguing that we should examine the impact of marketing on outcomes beyond just what is good for the financial performance of firms.

Better Marketing for a Better World emphasises marketing’s role in enhancing the welfare of the world’s multiple stakeholders and institutions and asks marketing to engage with many of the world’s most important challenges, including persistent poverty, inequity, illiteracy, insecurity, disease, climate change, pollution, and human trafficking, among many others.

“This Special Issue represents a breakthrough in the academic study of marketing,” comments Editor Rajesh Chandy. “Articles in the Special Issue bring scholarly scrutiny to the impact of marketing on the world around us. And they point to the wealth of possibilities for further study of how better marketing can help create a better world.”

The editorial to the issue closes with an empowering statement:

We can do more. We can do better. Let’s work together to develop better marketing for a better world.

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