Vitamins & Supplements

Griffin Media Solutions knows that the growing trend of self-medication and prevention has resulted in increasing consumer demand for vitamins and supplements. Price-consciousness consumers have resulted in more switching from branded to private label products in many categories (such as dietary supplements).

Despite healthier eating habits, busy lifestyles lead many consumers to have poor diets due to long working hours, resulting in digestive problems and increased demand for digestive remedies. Other causes of digestive problems remain food intolerances, increasing consumption of soft and alcoholic drinks and smoking, all of which can have a negative impact on digestion.

Value sales are on the increase in as more products are made available in more channels at accessible price points. Consumers are expected to show higher confidence in self-medication and prevention to avoid doctors’ costs, therefore giving consumer health the opportunity to grow in value terms.

Griffin Media Solutions manages a wide range of consumer lists in the vitamins & supplements sector. Take a look at the options available below or get in touch for further information.