Britain’s gripes when it comes to packaging

Over half of Brits hate excessive packaging and think manufacturers should prioritise cutting down, according to a poll carried out for The Grocer.
But what there is has to work, explains Lucia Juliano, head of consumer and retail research at Harris Interactive, who carried out the research:

“Irritants include resealable packaging and zip locks that don’t reseal properly, plastic films that are impossible to remove, bottles and jars you can’t get the product out of and even tins with no ringpull,” she says. “The message is clear – make these things work properly!”

Yet while 52% of people think manufacturers should prioritise packaging reduction, only 22% actively look for products with minimal packaging.

“This suggests the British public aren’t willing to invest too much time considering packaging – we expect manufacturers to do their best to minimise it, whilst protecting products and making it easier for us to shop.”

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Image credit: Kevin