Direct mail enjoys success within the digital world

direct mail, marketing mix, direct response, advertising agency, griffin mediaDigital technology has advanced faster than any innovation in our history. In fact, recent figures highlight that the UK’s internet penetration rate stood at a staggering 98% of the total population at the start of 2022.

Instead of being left behind in this fast-paced new world, tactile, tangible print – on its own or in combination with digital – remains a key means of brand building and increasing response rates. Media spend on direct mail was up nearly 10% in the first half of 2022 compared to 2021, Royal Mail figures highlight.

Direct mail is enjoying success for these key reasons, suggests the report:

  • It fulfils our desire for physical connections. We are twice as likely to agree that we feel valued by brands that write to us using mail than we are to disagree.
  • The instant nature of email is super convenient but we enjoy the look and touch of well-designed direct mail.
  • Print laser tech allows for strategic design and personalisation – we feel the brand speaks to us directly.
  • During lockdown, households engaged with 96% of all mail; this figure remains high today, especially with more people working from home.

Natasha Wills, griffin media, advertising agency

Interestingly, people respond differently to print than digital. For example we consider our choices more when we hold something as opposed to scrolling and clicking. Studies show that mail is 48% more memorable than email. Where an average email open rate is around 20%, 96% of direct mail is engaged with and 31% of direct mail drives a commercial action such as purchasing, donating, going online or visiting a store.

“We know that direct mail has a high return on investment as the figures from The Royal Mail report confirms,” highlights Natasha Wills, Senior Account Manager at Griffin Media. “Its place within the overall marketing mix remains essential, either as a standalone means of engaging with consumers or as part of a wider strategy that encompasses off the page, digital, radio and television campaigns. Griffin Media has extensive experience across all marketing streams which is why our clients enjoy success. As the UK moves towards more economically stable times, now is the time to invest in attracting new customers.”

Source: The Royal Mail Group

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