Eos Villas Bags Griffin Media Solutions

The travel industry, which took a two-year vacation during COVID-19, is now making up for lost time.

Eos Villas – a travel company that specialises in the Greek islands – has been quick to react to the surge in demand for villa holidays from the UK.

griffin media, eos villas, eos travel, advertising agency, villa holidaySofronios Splagkounias, Chief Executive of Eos Villas, plans to entice more holidaymakers than ever to his portfolio of villa properties by working with Griffin Media Solutions.

“It makes sense for a UK-based advertising agency to help us tap into the UK market for villa holidays,” says Sofronios. “Griffin Media Solutions takes the same approach to business as Eos Villas: an efficient team, attention to detail and the personal touch. I’m looking forward to seeing how our partnership progresses.”

Griffin Media Solutions will initially work on marketing strategy for Eos Villas, identifying areas of differentiation and improving its website editorial offering. An offline advertising campaign may follow.

“Sofronios Splagkounias has built up an impressive portfolio of beautiful villas and continues to extend his reach,” says Iona Walton, Publishing Director of Griffin Media Solutions. “Eos Villas is a fantastic travel company, full of potential and we are excited to be forging a working relationship with them.”

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