Global retail giant uses Griffin’s expertise to expand in the UK

There has been a shift in how companies approach consumers. Increasingly, marketeers have begun to suspect that there is more to engaging with current and potential customers than the digital offering, no matter how exciting and trailblazing the latest trend may appear.

For example, Wayfair, the largest ecommerce destination for home furnishings and décor, is set to test its catalogue in the UK for the first time under the guidance of industry experts Griffin Media Solutions, after leveraging the channel very successfully in the US.

Starting life in 2002 by two young entrepreneurs in a spare bedroom, Wayfair’s growth has been phenomenal, and it now employs around 11,000 people and operates throughout the US, Germany and the UK.

“We have been working with Jana Schilling, direct mail marketing manager at Wayfair for six months during which time we completed test campaigns,” explains Sarah Smart, director of print media at Griffin Media Solutions. “We were asked to arrange to print and mail the Wayfair Catalogue to 50,000 customers and 100,000 prospects, which has a capacity of four external inserts amongst other opportunities. We are anticipating an extremely responsive outcome.”

Jana Schilling comments:

“Sending a catalogue without knowing the incremental response from customers is a risk due to the high advertisement budget involved. But by leveraging the space for additional inserts in the envelope in which the catalogue will be distributed, we can reduce the costs and make valuable offers from other brands to our customer.”

“Wayfair’s five distinct brands generated $6.2 billion in net revenue for the 12 months ending September 30, 2018,” highlights Gildas Walton, chief executive of Griffin Media Solutions. “We are looking forward to building the brand further within the UK. All of our clients realise the importance of monetising their own database. Digital advertising provides fantastic ways to engage with customers, but offline opportunities continue to reap valuable rewards. The bottom line is that all businesses need an online and offline advertising offering and will continue to do so.”

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