Green me up Griffin

Want to improve your eco credentials but don’t know where to start? Let Griffin Media Solutions do the hard work while you bask in the feel-good glow that your company is doing its bit for the environment

Griffin will:

  • Visit your premises and ascertain areas that could improve in terms of environmental impact*
  • Find local or national companies to help, negotiate rates and firm up contracts
  • Establish your new carbon footprint
  • Work out a suitable carbon offset project should you want to offset your emissions
  • Write a press release for you once it’s up and running

You then circulate the good – green news – amongst your customers. You win new business. And you feel great too.

improve eco credentials, company environment, office environmental impact, work carbon footprint, griffin mediaCase study

Over 300 tonnes of landfill was diverted to recycling sites after Griffin Media Solutions assessed, researched and implemented a recycling action plan for the Mobility Furniture Company (MFC).

When customers order reclining chairs, sofas and adjustable beds from MFC, their old furniture is taken away (should they wish) as part of the offer. For years, the vast majority of the old furniture – over 300 tonnes a year – was ending up in landfill.

Recently under new management, the MFC team was keen to get on top of the situation.

“We’ve worked closely with Griffin Media Solutions for some time and know they are always up for a new challenge,” explains James Mitton, MFC managing director. “Account manager Natasha Wills analysed our needs, looked at the cost implications, and executed the agreed plan within just a couple of weeks.”

Margins are tight in every industry and organisations are often sceptical that the cost of improving environmental credentials will be prohibitively expensive… a misconception in this case as the new arrangement has in fact reduced costs. Natasha Wills, account manager at Griffin Media Solutions, comments:

“I visited the site to figure out the most effective method of recycling due to time and space constraints. After contacting a number of recycling companies, I compared prices and efficiency, and a company called ETM Recycling seemed to meet MFC’s needs. Its skip hire service is similar to the process that MFC previously used, but 85% of the waste is diverted from landfill to a recycling centre in the UK. Anything that can’t be broken down and recycled is sent to a Refused Derived Fuel site and converted from waste into energy achieving zero to landfill targets.”

As ETM Recycling is local to MFC, the company’s carbon footprint has reduced even further as the travel time between the goods warehouse and recycling centre is minimal.

“I’m so proud that MFC is operating in an environmentally friendly way and of course am delighted that the new arrangement is actually cheaper too,” James says. “We’re now looking at other ways of reducing our environmental impact further.”

*Improve recycling systems, move to green cleaning supplies, buy electricity from a renewable energy facility, install solar panels, replace landfill with recycling systems on an industrial level…  depends on your business

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