National healthcare company Arelle tests the water

Incontinence may not be a subject that people are keen to discuss over dinner, but perhaps it is not something to shy away from entirely as data shows over half of the over-65s are affected. Better to get informed about great products and companies that are out there who can help, and family-run business, Arelle, is up there with the best.

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“We have been working with incontinence care products for over 30 years, at first advising larger companies and since 2000, supplying directly to those who experience incontinence,” explains managing director, Ruth Lederman. “Our advice and knowledge is highly valued by individuals at home, carers and other healthcare professionals and companies.” 

Ruth Lederman has been in conversation with Griffin Media Solutions for some months about the potential of direct response advertising… and this autumn it’s full steam ahead. 

sarah smart, griffin media solutions, advertising agency, marketing business“When it comes to niche, nobody does it better than us,” says Sarah Smart, managing director of Griffin Media Solutions. “We love Arelle’s branding… it’s slick yet approachable and works across different advertising platforms, from social media channels to direct response marketing. We’re having a great time working with the team at Arelle to create new ways for Arelle products to reach the end consumer.”

Ruth Lederman comments:

“As Arelle is ‘discovered’, the number of our customers grows but we still take pride in our efforts to ensure that all our customers receive products and advice that really help. We value service and quality above all else and can see a likeminded ethos within the team at Griffin Media Solutions.”

Keen to work closely with Arelle? Get in touch: 0845 643 8470.