Ice lolly entrepreneur opts for mail order delivery

Nationwide supply via mail order is the next step for Isaac Greenway-Tambini, founder of ice lolly start-up company, Pola.

The ambitious entrepreneur from the Nottingham area makes Pola ice poles using local ingredients with a dash of exotic fruits. Isaac currently sells his cool treats at festivals and events, and delivers to nearby homes. Recognising the potential of his business, Isaac has decided to supply around the UK via mail order so is working with food scientists from the University of Nottingham to create ambient freeze-at-home versions of his lollies that can be popped into the freezer on delivery.

“Being able to produce and supply products that are ambient would allow me to ship nationwide,” Isaac explains. “They would in effect be pouches of liquid, packed with the same great taste, which could be frozen at home. It would be a huge advantage over ice lollies which obviously have to stay frozen.”

Isaac follows in the footsteps of his great grandfather, an Italian immigrant who founded a chain of ice cream shops in Wales.

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