Griffin Media Solutions is working on a wrap-through insert option with various magazine publishers – and reaping rewards for clients as a consequence.

“Instead of having a bound-in ad within the pages of a magazine, for example The People’s Friend or TV Times, we can arrange a wrap-through,” explains Sarah Smart, Director of Print Media at Griffin Media Solutions. “Advertisers see an increase in responses of up to 30% by being bound/threaded within the publication… and by sharing the costs with a non-competing brand it enables a test in a great medium at an affordable price.”

The wrap-through is a four-page A5 insert that is shared between two advertisers. Each advertiser has a two-page A5 bound-in insert threaded through difference sections of the magazine, separated by a segment of magazine pages.

As the insert is stitched directly into the magazine, it ensures maximum presence and is never lost on the shop floor. This usually comes at a premium price as there can only be one so it results in a great response. But a wrap-through means there can be two advertisers, so the print and media rate is combined. It is a fantastic way to test a newsstand title at a fraction of the cost. It can even be perforated so that reader can tear it off to act on later.

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