Our turnover growth is double last year’s thanks to Griffin

Independence Ltd is a family run company that provides high quality aids for everyday living. In 2017 Nick and Judy Holdsworth gave Griffin Media Solutions the exclusive management of their catalogue mailings and product despatches. One year later, they talk through their results:

Q: What aspects of your business has the Griffin team been involved in?

A: Griffin has helped arrange successful mailing list rental and swaps, to find partners to place inserts in our catalogue mailings and partners for us to trial our own insert programme with. The team has managed our inserts from beginning to end, arranging the printing and distribution to various mailing houses. Griffin also found a new mailing house and envelope printers, helping us to simplify and lower our mailing costs. All we have had to worry about is producing the artwork… and processing the orders!

Q: What impact has Griffin had on the figures in terms of turnover/new customers/profitability?

A: Griffin has helped drive our turnover up by nearly double last year’s growth. We have increased the number of new customers by 60% this year compared to last.

Q: What is the Griffin team like to work with?

A: Very friendly and extremely efficient! They are proactive, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.

Q: What is next for Independence Ltd and Griffin? New avenues to explore?

A: Following the successful trials, we are working with Griffin to embed the insert programme into our marketing mix. We may also look to take out some traditional off the page adverts as well.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone thinking of working with Griffin?

A: Pick up the phone today!

Please get in touch to hear what Griffin Media Solutions could do for your business (tel 0845 643 8470).

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