OutsideClinic enters the Griffin fold

Did you know that you can have an eye test and hearing test at home? You do now – and so will thousands of other people, once OutsideClinic’s new TV advertisement goes live later this year.

OutsideClinic delivers NHS-funded eye tests in the comfort of people’s homes. This service is available to the elderly who struggle with their mobility.

The 30 second TV ad will be aired on Sky as an Ad Smart campaign. Set to reach households within chosen postcode sectors over a six-week period, there are plans to roll the ad out further in the new year. As well as increasing brand awareness, the emphasis is on direct response. People watch the ad, pick up the phone and make an appointment for an eye or hearing test to be done by an expert in their own home

“We’ve been working with OutsideClinic for the last year in the national press arena and have stayed in close contact about various other media channels during this time,” highlights Sarah Smart, Managing Director at Griffin Media. “When the time was right our proven track record in TV advertising was a great fit and the production process was seamless from start to finish. OutsideClinic is set to grow by 20% over the next 18 months and we are excited to be part of its journey.”

Business at OutsideClinic is booming due to a combination of an innovative company with a caring ethos towards its customers and staff, an ageing population and – of course – the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s willingness to leave their homes. The business delivers more than 200,000 clinics in people’s homes every year and is on track to become a £42m turnover business by the end of this financial year.

OutsideClinic, Griffin Media, new TV ad, sarah smart, nick wright“At OutsideClinic we recognise the importance of our employees in the success of our company’s future, a concept that we have in common with Griffin Media,” says Nick Wright, Head of Marketing at OutsideClinic. “We’ve been impressed by the professionalism and can-do attitude of the team at Griffin Media and look forward to seeing where the business grows from here.”

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